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PMC reveals improved spout positioner

September 2012—After more than a year of experimenting and redesigning concepts, PMC’s engineering team has improved the overall functionality and reliability of its spout positioner. The new design will allow clients to load materials more efficiently and effectively.
        Some of the changes include using an improved method of sealing the traversing hopper surface to the positioner pan—eliminating dusting—a more robust rail and roller system, and a more reliable drive mechanism. PMC designs and manufactures loading spout positioners in both two- and four-axis configurations with typical travel distances of 48 to 72 inches. The newly redesigned positioners also offer a sleeker profile and work seamlessly in conjunction with PMC’s line of retractable loading spouts and air filter systems to ensure dust-free transfer of materials.
        Currently PMC is in the process of manufacturing several two-axis positioners, which have a total of 11'0" of total travel or 5'5" in either direction from the center point and incorporate our industry leading retractable loading spouts. These positioners and loading spouts will be used for loading sand into rail cars.
       PMC is constantly looking for ways to improve upon its products and services in its quest to become the industry leader in the design and manufacture of dust free material handling and loading equipment. 

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