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Welcome to the PMC family

In recent weeks several groups of equipment representatives have joined forces with PMC to offer our line of quality equipment to clients throughout the country. 

PMC extends a hearty welcome to the following companies:

Based in Cincinnati, OH the Batsner Company will include Kentucky, parts of southern Indiana and southern Ohio.

Based in Cincinnati, OH, the territory covered by The Batsner Company will include Kentucky, parts of southern Indiana and southern Ohio.

Located in Lansing, MI Bristol Industrial Equipment’s territory covers Michigan’s lower-peninsula and the northeast section of Indiana. 

Working out of St. Paul, MN, Dynequip Inc. will cover Minnesota, western Wisconsin, North Dakota and the majority of South Dakota.


Based out of Oak Brook, IL, Harding Industrial Sales will represent PMC in the northern half of Illinois, northwestern Indiana and eastern Wisconsin.

Located in Muncy, PA., Penn Quip will cover eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey for PMC.

The Roessler Company's main office is located in Louisville, KY. and two locations in Ohio, Roessler will represent PMC in northern Ohio and western Pennsylvania.

Older announcements

PMC is pleased to announce the addition of Peak Equipment Company to our group of equipment representatives.

Peak Equipment

Peak Equipment Company is based out of Littleton, Colorado and services the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, South Dakota and Wyoming.

  PMC Unlimited, LLC • 606 Bridge Street • East Jordan, MI 49727
Phone: 231-536-7622 • Fax: 231-582-9937 • sales@pmcunlimited.com
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